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Message from the CEO


My name is Masahiro Nakamura, and I serve as CEO of Lexer Research Inc. Since its founding, our company has sought to support creative human endeavors in line with its unique viewpoint of “support for human creative activities” through research concerning “knowledge-­producing mechanisms,” and by providing products and services.

Prior to the establishment of the company, I was involved with research concerning recognition technologies, artificial intelligence technologies and automation technologies at a university and a manufacturing firm. However, in considering the forms that business activities and human society should take, I came to believe that efficiency and the replacement of human activities through technology should not be the ultimate goals of science and technology.

Rather I strongly embraced a philosophy that we should instead focus on and give added impetus to activities of significance to human beings, while at the same time aiming to materialize technologies which will give birth to new ideas and concepts,
and thus bring about a flowering of creativity.

For those reasons, I became convinced we need technologies which will clarify “directions we should be headed in” and “feasibility.”

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Furthermore, I felt I had a duty to popularize mechanisms which would cause innovation in the field of business. With those considerations in mind, I started up this company.

Since establishment, our company has been as active as possible in searching for technologies within the following cutting edge areas:
Intuitive, comprehensive understanding with virtual technologies
Phenomenal forecasting/hypotheses verification with simulation and sensing technologies
Dialogue creation with intuitive interface technologies
Cooperative activities with sharing-­type network collaboration technologies

We have also developed various systems and products based on these concepts, and our company has been striving to apply and disseminate our technologies in various business fields, including the manufacturing sector.  Nevertheless, we do not stop at simply developing functions and providing products. We have also been investigating essential values through collaborative activities and consulting activities involving various companies and multiple sectors, and engaging in activities designed to materialize them in the form of value creation systems for business processes.

Although the employment of ICT has been trumpeted for quite some time now, actual use has been limited to such primitive forms as data exchange. Be that as it may, we are now at the dawning of a new age in which individuals will be able to tap the immense power of advanced technologies to engage in creative activities.

Our society and the individuals within it are diverse, characterized by profound, complex and convergent thinking. We at Lexer Research hope that through the mechanisms that we provide we will be able to form an image of the “kind of future we should be striving for,” share it with others, and help propel its creation, so that we might better contribute to the development of society.

Rapid Engineering Technology for Every Production Engineer.